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Are your students truly ready?

The tech job search has become a complex journey. With sophisticated screening methods in play, many good candidates are left behind. We are here to change that. Bring your students to a new level of career-readiness and join our network of successful partners who have boosted their placement rates.

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How it works?

01. Leveraging AI & Gen Z micro-learning

Create your industry-standard resume, LinkedIn profile, and perfect your interview skills using the power of AI and Gen Z-friendly micro-learning workshops.

02. Industry-Insider Mentors

Connect with industry-insider career mentors who can offer you personalized guidance, industry insights, and advice on how to succeed in the tech industry.

03. Get Hired

Apply with your expert-evaluated profile who will now capture employers' attention.

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Lior Atari

Head of Career Services, ThriveDX 

“MentMe has changed the game for us. Our students are more career-ready than ever before, and we are placing them in jobs at a higher rate.”


About MentMe

Our Story

After years of recruiting for top tech companies, we noticed many talented candidates struggle to showcase their skills, leading to wasted time in inefficient hiring processes. That's why we started MentMe.

Our Vision

At MentMe, our vision is to make the tech job search more efficient for both sides, to provide anyone with access to the tech industry and prevent companies from missing out on great talent. Ultimately, we want to help people achieve their goals faster.

Our Uniqueness

Our unique combination of AI and HI (human intelligence) sets us apart. This powerful approach allows us to connect job seekers with industry mentors and Gen Z micro-learning workshops, empowering them from resume creation to job application.

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In Memory Of Ori Shani

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Ori was a kind-hearted young man. On Oct 7, Ori led his team through the battle of Kissufim. Their bravery and actions played a vital role in saving numerous lives. Ori's radiant smile is a memory that will never be forgotten.

MentMe is part of the Oct7startups project

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